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How To Enter

Applications are free with a maximum of three entries per brand/supplier, and the

collection/product entered must have been launched from January 1st 2023 onwards. The Deadline is 10th November 2023.

Suppliers/brands are requested to send the following materials and/or information for each entry submitted:

• Full name of company/brand + name and contact details of person who entered it (email / phone number)
• Name and brief description of collection/product being entered (this should include the material,
  inspiration, convenience factors, designer, how made, other credentials)
• Category you are entering it into
• Product price
• 150 word explanation about why the entry merits an award – based on the following criteria:
Innovation, Design, Aesthetics and Storytelling
• Five hi-res (300dpi) images of collection/product, from different angles, including close-ups


To enter either click the button on the right where you will be taken to an entry form or email with all images and text. Please send separate emails for each entry.

Judging of Awards
Our global panel of experts will judge entries in all categories according to the criteria (below).

• Design/Functionality (solution to today’s dining demands, smart design, great functionality or multi-functionality, versatility,  
  relevance, translation to different markets, adaptability)

• Innovation (originality, uniqueness, clever use of materials)
• Aesthetics (how it looks, beauty)
• Storytelling (story behind it, provenance, sustainability, heritage, collaboration with name, the story of the collection/product that
  helps retailers market or drive sales of it)

Rules of submission
• Brands/suppliers can enter up to three (maximum) collections/products but they must be in three
  different categories
• The collections/products must have been launched no earlier than January, 2023
• The final/absolute deadline for submissions is 10th November 2023
• Only entrants supplying all materials requested in How To Enter (above and online) will be considered

Click here to enter

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